“Throughout my writing career, I’ve always had ideas in my head of what the covers of my books should look like… I found it a very rewarding experience to work with a cover designer who was willing to take my idea and run with it… with spectacular results!”
—Raymond Benson, New York Times bestselling author of The Black Stiletto
“Your work is top notch. It’s great to work with you.”
—David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Shimmer
“We needed to improve the front cover before going to press. George Foster brought it all together quickly and with great results. In a short time, my book became a New York Times bestseller.”
—Marc Ostrofsky, New York Times bestselling author of Get Rich Click
“With your cover, my first book became a #1 international bestseller. Thank you.”
—Jeffrey Smith, bestselling author of Seeds of Deception
“Hiring you to create the cover for my book was one of the best decisions (business or personal) I have ever made! Your creativity is one thing, but just as important, you read my book carefully and came up with a cover that embodied everything I wanted it to convey. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I had worked with another designer before hiring you — someone who was far less expensive. But she didn’t have the rare combination of creativity and intellectual brilliance that you have. The cover you created for my book is a source of pride for me every day. I look at it and marvel. And quite frankly, I am convinced that the impression it makes when people first see my book paves the way for a really wonderful reading experience. Thank you, George. You prove that you CAN tell a book by its cover!”
—Julia Schopick, bestselling author of Honest Medicine
“This just in: ‘I’ve got to tell you, this is the most impressive cover I have ever seen. I would have bought the book just for the cover.’ Said to me at a book signing in Kentucky.”
—Jamie Vollmer, author of Schools Cannot Do It Alone
“My first book is a #1 national bestseller! You’re the best. Thanks for everything.”
—Asha Tyson, bestselling author of How I Retired at 26
“As The Passion Test rose up the charts to #1 on both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, it was striking to see how well it stood out from the other books on the list. Your cover gave the perfect feeling for our book, and helped us stand out from the crowd. Thank you!”
—Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood, co-authors of New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test
“I love it when George sends me clients for website design. I know they’ve worked with a professional, have a great looking product + they understand that they can expect no less from me. It gets the project off on the right foot every time. Thanks George, for setting the bar high and keeping it there.”
—Kevin Riley
“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with George Foster, my cover designer. His attention on your book is an experience you will want to repeat again and again.”
—John Kremer, book marketing expert and bestselling author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
“My first book sold $17,000 in the first month. For a first time author/publisher, I was apprehensive to pay the money for George’s design. I am so glad I decided to take the plunge and spend the extra money. It’s worth it!”
—Christine Karpinski, author of How to Rent Vacation Properties By Owner
“Right now The Second Comforter is the number 1 book in the category of “Religion and Inspiration” (out of 1,211) published by Booksurge. Nephi’s Isaiah is number 24. Overall without regard to category, The Second Comforter is the number 19 bestselling book (out of 9,886 titles) for Booksurge.”
—Denver Snuffer, bestselling author of The Second Comforter
“I love working with you.”
—Jennifer Hawthorne, New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul
“We sold $23,700 in book and book packages for Nutripoints in the first month. The cover made a great initial impact.”
—Roy Vartabedian, New York Times bestselling author of Nutripoints
“We received $7,600 in book orders for ProMetabolics within 24 hours of release of an email viewed by 1000 people on our list. Those sales were based only on a picture of the book cover, and a short outline of the table of contents. The stunning cover made the sale!”
—Roy Vartabedian, publisher of ProMetabolics
“I sold $10,000 of books in the first 2 weeks! Your cover is extremely pivotal.”
—Jack Morton, author of Salon Dish
“George Foster is at the top of his game. He will make your cover stand-out and sell.”
—Michael Pye, Career Press
“Over $25,000 has been raised for our charity so far, all from book sales. In a micro-niche market, these results are outstanding!
—Joe Martin, co-author of Get Selected for Special Forces
“Early sales far exceed any of our previous books. Your cover gave us a professional look we desperately needed.”
—Nicola Harvey, Circle Publishing
“Your cover made Publisher’s Weekly want to review my book!”
—Bjorn Ahlen, Living Media 2000 Int’l Inc.
“George is a true professional with a tremendous eye for design plus copywriting expertise. If you want to greatly increase your odds of producing a bestseller, contact George Foster!”
—Laurie Bell, author of Lose the Lies, Lose the Weight
“The distributor liked your cover so well they increased their estimate for the initial sell-in by 25%! You always “get” the selling points and translate them into visuals that help market the book.”
—Sally Scanlon, The Intrepid Traveler
“Your cover really does make selling easy. I am having great success placing my book in catalogs now.”
—Jenny Lovins, author of The Neat Ideas Daybook
“George Foster is not only an incredibly talented cover designer, but also a fantastic person with whom to work! After bringing him a disastrous initial cover to recreate, George gently guided us to the right cover with patience, knowledge and an eye for detail. It is obvious from his covers that he knows his art, but once you get to know him, it is equally clear that he is a true gentleman with a passion for his work.”
—Susan and Lewis Bartell, Parent Positive Press
“My magazine newsstand sales depend on cover design. Despite the complexity of my requirements, George comes through every time.”
—Hal Goldstein, publisher of iPhone Life magazine
“I recommend George Foster with enthusiasm! He is absolutely without peer in both service and quality. You’ll be thrilled with his work.”
—Kim Colton, Data Reproductions (book printer)
“A bookstore owner took one look at your cover and we made a nice sale.”
—Julia Nelson, Allyn Group Publishing
“Getting a George Foster cover is like adding zeros to your sales figures. Trust him—he knows what he’s doing! He’s the best. And he’s a delight to work with—a great artist without the temperament.”
—Jerry Chanin, publisher of The Naked Quack
“Not only did we hear how beautiful your cover is, it really WORKED! It caught people’s attention and created interest in what’s inside.”
—Lauren Virshup, publisher of The Green Book of Songs by Subject
“I’d always envisioned a striking cover for Death Angel. The one that George came up with gave me chills. In a bookstore, you can see it across the room. This is my thirteenth book and the first time I really saw a professional at work. His patience and eye for detail have helped make this book a success.”
—Martha Powers, bestselling author of Death Angel
“Your cover made the difference with Baker & Taylor and Biblio! Thank you so much! Now I know the importance of a great cover!”
—Jane Robinson, author of The Divine Declaration
“George Foster is one of the most professional people that I have worked with in business so far. His skill and knowledge on marketing and design is outstanding.”
—Paul Sutherland, co-author of The Fast Track to Financial Independence
“I have The Forgiveness Myth sitting in my desk because I find the cover so beautiful and so soothing—it’s been my instant medication trick since Gary sent me the book. You are a phenomenal designer, and I feel honored to promote a book with which you were involved.”
—Stacey J Miller, book publicist
“Your cover has easily meant $30,000 in sales over the three years it’s been on the market. I know that because I’ve had as many compliments on the cover as I’ve had for the material inside the book. In fact, the cover has been the main reason many have picked up the book to look inside. Thanks George for all the sales your cover has brought and all that are still to come!”
—Jim Sarris, author of Comic Mnemonics for Spanish Verbs
“I was delivering the book to a friend today and while going through his lobby one lady took the book right out of my hand and began asking me questions on it. Then when she turned the cover over and saw my photo she was thrilled and wanted one. On my way out, another lady who works at the front desk asked what the book was that I was bringing in, and when I explained it to her she also wanted an autographed copy. I thought I was paying for a cover, little did I realize it also had magical powers! I can’t thank you enough, not only for your incredible talent and design but also for your open willingness to discuss options and create something that captured what I wanted but didn’t know how to describe.”
—James Studinger, author of Wealth is a Choice
“You will not believe the number of people that have written and praised the cover of my book. You know, when I remember the charge I gave you ‘I want a book that jumps out from the crowd and draws you to pick it’, you delivered on all counts. Well done. Everyone loves the cover without even seeing the book.”
—Daniel Ekhaifo, author of Pursue Your God-Given Dream
“Interested in a top-notch, premier book cover designer? George Foster. Interested in service from a designer that is far and beyond extraordinary? George Foster. Interested in working with a gentleman of the highest quality who truly cares about your product? George Foster. Not bringing George Foster on board? A big mistake.”
—Shawn Anderson, author of Amicus 101
“You are a really good designer and strategist.”
—Brian Jud, author of Beyond the Bookstore (a Publishers Weekly book)
“Whatever it is you’re doing, it works! The response to your cover is consistently over the top, from readers to reviewers, from retailers to award judges, and especially from me.”
—Esther Gokhale, #1 bestselling author of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back
“Foster Covers was double my original cover budget and worth every cent. It sells my book (and me) without saying a word. That’s what good cover design should do. I can’t tell you how pleased I am and I look forward to working with George again on my next book.”
—Kelly Morisseau, author of Kelly’s Kitchen Sync
“Without a doubt, George’s professionalism shines through in his creative and succinct designs. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of a cover designer to talk with George. The cost of a professional design is well worth it considering that the cover is what initially attracts a bookstore or online shopper to stop and take a second look. If you can’t get their attention up front you just lost a customer.”
—Dennis V. Damp, bestselling author of The Book of U.S. Government Jobs
“Every time a bookstore positions my book with the cover facing out it sells five times faster! As a result they’ve tripled their order. Design is definitely king. To my surprise the majority of book buyers make their purchases based upon title and cover design. Who knew? After scrutinizing comparing several designers, George Foster’s designs not only jumped out the most, but his before and after examples really sold me. He truly takes what you say as a writer and translates it to a visual medium giving your book even greater impact. Can’t wait to see what you do with my next book. Thanks, George.”
—Craig Copeland, author of Finish What You Start
“One major reviewer had never heard of Don Bruns, had no particular interest in South Beach, but told me that he picked South Beach Shakedown out of hundreds of books sent in for review all because of its cover.”
—Maryglenn McCombs, book publicist
“Did a radio interview this morning. I wanted to talk about the book. He wanted to talk about the cool cover. Thanks, George.”
—Don Bruns, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
“George Foster rocks! When Larry and I published our thriller, Ladykiller, we were given cover approval contractually by our publisher Oceanview Publishing. In our previous experience, this usually translates to one day receiving a pdf with a note saying, “Here’s your cover.” However, George started with a conference call to us in which he invited us to talk about the cover we envisioned. And did we ever! We babbled on for an hour about an acid green background and typewriter type fonts and a gun replacing the ‘i’ in Ladykiller. George listened, murmured sympathetically and heard us out. He also read the book. His first design, when it arrived, took our breath away. It was everything we wanted and none of what we had described. It was perfect. We never looked back. I can’t tell you how many comments we have gotten on the excellence of our cover. More than a few fellow authors are acid green – with envy. I can’t recommend George Foster highly enough. Any author would be lucky to have him design a cover!”
—Meredith Anthony and Lawrence Light, co-authors of Ladykiller
“You definitely know what you’re doing.”
—Keir Walton, Harcourt Brace
“All my customers just love the cover and have given lots of complements about it. I went to a trade show a few weeks ago and took the liberty of blowing up your cover and putting it on a poster, along with a little bit of copy. People would walk by my exhibit table, see the poster size cover, and it would literally stop them in their tracks! Then, they would come over and look at the book. Your cover is an incredibly effective sales tool.”
—Deborah Rummelhart, author of Where Are My Ankles?
“Your eagerness to deliver quality, imaginative designs is surpassed only by your congenial open approach. You have made my two title projects pleasant experiences.”
—Frank Sherosky, Strategic Publications
“George Foster is a creative person’s dream to work with. He understands the creative process and happily goes along with it, keeping the customer in mind. He took my existing book cover, asked what, if anything, had to be kept, then generated a new, more exciting cover within days. Throughout the tinkering and the tweaking process that followed, George showed his own creative process, and between the two of us, we quickly came up with a cover that has generated praise from all who have seen it, and went on to win First Place in the Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards. I thank you, George, for your ‘no worries’ response to my endless tinkering, and for the beautiful covers for my book series!”
—Patricia Hamilton, author of California Healthy
“We consider George Foster’s efforts on behalf of JeRBil Books to be priceless.”
—Jeffrey Baker, JeRBil Books
“George is simply the best, and you need the best to be competitive today. The cover is so important for every publisher because it’s crucial to the book’s success. George’s cover designs are fulfilling exactly this promise: they sell big time.”
—Eleonora De Lennart, author of The BioChemical Machine
“You helped me get my first contract with a major distributor. They called your cover a ‘tremendous asset.’”
—James Sarris, author of Comic Mnemonics
“I only wish we’d found you sooner.”
—Debra Knox, MIE Publishing
“Not to overstate this, but in the 15 years I’ve been mucking about with this book, hiring you to do the new cover might just be the best business move I’ve made to date. Can’t say enough about what the new cover has done for the book. Thank you! There will be more to come, sir, and I look forward to our further collaborations.”
—Tom Haibeck, author of Wedding Toasts Made Easy
“The book has done better than I dreamed. The response has been overwhelming. In three months we sold more books than I thought I would sell in five years.”
—Ward Foley, author of Thank My Lucky Scars
“I know your cover got me into the bookstores, and that people want my book once they pick it up. I’m in my second print already. That says volumes.”
—Doris Young, author of Save the First Dance for You
“I can’t tell you how pleased I am. You go beyond professionalism. I’d like to have you as a neighbor.”
—James Bardot, author of Save Your Marriage
“I almost hate to say goodbye, because working with you has been such a creatively exhilarating experience.”
—Rena Johnson, author of Epiphanies of the Soul
“…I just feel lucky I chose the best, most talented cover designer in the country!”
—Alivia Tagliaferri, Ironcutter Media, LLC
“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.”
—Topher Morrison, author of Settle for Excellence
“Because a book’s initial splash and pre-sales are tied to an attractive, outrageous cover design, we hire the very best book cover designer we can afford. George Foster’s creative genius really makes a difference in our book sales and marketing.”
—Andrew Linnick, New World Press
“Your cover is a rare blend of sophistication and salability. People immediately feel relaxed when they see it and want to know more about what’s inside.”
—Leonard Perlmutter, author of The Heart and Science of Yoga
“Barnes & Noble just placed a large order and the cover was a major factor in their decision. You helped us join the big leagues with our first book!”
—Sharon Gerardi & Nadine Nemechek, co-authors of The 7 Day Cookbook
“Your unfailing good humor made it fun to work with you. I especially appreciate your willingness to take suggestions …not all creative types are so amenable.”
—Marian Woodall, Professional Business Communications
“Thanks once again for being what the people in the rest of the world should be, considerate and caring.”
—Judith Malinoski, author of Crescent Veil
“Our customers love the new look. Sales increased dramatically and continue to climb. I highly recommend George Foster! His creative talents combine with his gentle guidance and friendly assurance to make him the BEST!”
—Karen Mohs, Greek ‘n’ Stuff
“It’s a simple decision, really. If you want a cover that shouts “pick me” and a cover that you can be proud of for a lifetime, then you want George Foster to design it. I could not be more pleased.”
—Jack H. McCubbin, M.D. author of The Miracle Within
“You accommodated us without hesitation many times over. Although this was our first book, you worked with us as if we were your top clients.”
—Tré Parker and Marala Scott, co-authors of In Our House
“Whoever said you can’t tell a book by its cover, never met George Foster.”
—Gene Naro, Glidden Publishing
“George, we wanted to thank you for the excellent job you recently did on revamping the covers of The ABCs of Making Money and The ABCs of Making Money for Teens. As you know, these books have each sold several hundred thousand copies, and given the massive global demand for our approach to financial literacy we felt that the exteriors of the books needed to meet the same world class standard as the content. Now they do.”
—Denis Cauvier, co-author of the bestselling The ABCs of Making Money
“One of the most difficult steps of book publishing is creating a cover that effectively portrays the heart and soul of the author’s message. George Foster came through for me in living color with his unique and powerful design that completely captured every metaphor and nuance of this story. Simply brilliant.”
—Wendy Lipton-Dibner, bestselling author of Shatter Your Speed Limits
“You are the BEST! I RAVE all the time at conferences, events, speeches. There is no other than George!”
—Robyn Freedman Spizman, New York Times bestselling author
“I was skeptical at first about the idea of changing my original book cover which had placed as a finalist in several prominent book awards and already sold thousands of copies. That was until we found George Foster. George created a new cover that really brought out the story. Not only that, we won First Place in the National Best Books Awards.”
—Jeff Alt, award-winning author of A Walk for Sunshine
“George, I hope your other clients realize how much you bring to the table. An author can have an amazing story or message but without the first impression of an eye-catching cover, people will never open the book to receive the message. I was seeking that great book cover that would stand out amongst the competition. Everyone loves the cover, right from the book printer to the book store employees to the reader. Not only did you create a great book cover, you created a brand that I have incorporated into my entire product line and company image. I would recommend the serious author consults you immediately about helping them create a book cover that stands out amongst the competition. The cover and brand you created exceeded my highest expectations. Thanks so much, George.”
—Paul M. Hecht, author of Everyday Real Estate Millionnaires
“George Foster is a genius cover designer! I tried to design my own cover and it bombed in market testing. Then I got George on board and his first cover design tested with a 98% approval rating with my target audience!”
—Tracy DeGraaf, author of Laugh Anyway Mom
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